Jeff Martin’s Heartburn No More Review

Heartburn No More is a great reference for you who want to know more about heartburn condition.

You may already feel its symptoms, such as painful feelings in your chest, uncomfortable gas, bloating, and many others.

You may already take the medication to ease the symptoms.

But, most of them are only providing a temporary solution.

For that reason, reading this book will give you many benefits.

Table of Contents

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Heartburn No More helps you to understand the main cause of heartburn.

It also has a detailed explanation of the symptoms, so you can detect it easily.

More importantly, you also can find more about the best way to deal with your heartburn using this book as the guide.

Most people that suffer from heartburn need to accept it as part of their life.

Many of them also received similar advice from the doctor.

However, this book proves the opposite.

There is a hope for you to recover from the heartburn.

Some products and programs help people to relieve the symptoms of heartburn.

And, many people have been relying on these methods to deal with the heartburn symptoms.

However, it is not a fixed solution. Not all of these methods can solve the heartburn problem.

So, this book tries to reveal the secret of dealing with heartburn.

Many people have mistakenly seen it as a condition that is caused by an external factor.

However, this book shows that it could be caused by your habits.

Therefore, the change in your lifestyle will be included in the solution provided by Heartburn No More.

Now, if you want to know more about Heartburn No

More, we already made the review for this book.

Keep reading below to find more what you can get from this book.

Maybe, after you read our review, you will know the best method to treat your heartburn.

What is Heartburn No More?

Product name: Heartburn No More

Author/creator: Jeff Martin

Official website: hẹ

Price: $47 (check promo)

Heartburn No More is a special online program that uses different approaches to deal with heartburn.

The best of all, this online book helps you to cure heartburn completely.

That’s not all.

It also uses a purely natural solution to treat this condition.

It is including the behavior and meal change that you should change to cure your heartburn.

If you follow the program correctly, you can stop all kinds of symptoms of heartburn.

You don’t need to worry anymore about burping or belching as it will stop them completely.

Furthermore, the method also lowers the risk of cancer.

It also lowers your blood pressure.

And, the method also prevents any health problems that are caused by heartburn.

Heartburn No More will teach you about the solution without prescribed medication.

As everything you can find here is 100% natural, the side effect is something you don’t need to worry about as well.

While the prescribed medication causes side effects to your body.

This method also helps you to cure your heartburn permanently.

Can we use it for other problems related to your gastric acid?

Yes, you can use it for that.

Even though its name is Heartburn No More, the techniques you can find in this book also are effective for other similar problems.

If you have GERD, hiatal hernia, acid reflux, or common gas problem, you can rely on the techniques in this book.

What Can You Get from Heartburn No More?

First of all, you will get the PDF eBook files that you can read.

After you make a purchase, you can download it from the official website to start the heartburn treatment.

Furthermore, you also get more bonuses from this package.

The bonuses include 4 books, which one of them shows you the best way to use water to deal with heartburn and IBS.

There is also a guide for how you can use these natural techniques.

This guide also shows you when you should use it or visit your doctor.

The best bonus may be the free update that you will get regularly.

Other than that, you also get 90-days free counseling from the program creator.

There is also a money-back guarantee. That means you don’t need to worry when you spend your money to purchase this program.

About The Creator : Jeff Martin

Who made this book? His name is Jeff Martin.

He has many experiences in the medical field. He has worked in this field for years.

He also wrote many books and articles about different health topics.

As for his book, the Heartburn No More e-book, he didn’t write it in jest.

This book was born from his long journey to find more about this condition.

He spent more than a decade of research to finally be able to write this book.

The most interesting part is the subject of his research.

He was researching his body condition as he also suffered from heartburn.

Everything he painfully felt, became important entries to his research.

Therefore, if it is about heartburn, he is one of the people that know it more than others.

Why did he start to write?

The main reason was he found out that no medication or prescription works like what he wanted.

He wanted a complete solution. It is a solution that removes the heartburn forever, permanently.

He tried many programs, medication, and other treatments.

Nothing worked, at least for the long term.

That situation forced him to find the solution himself.

He started the research, then wrote the guide, which became this book.

He then tried the techniques to himself as well as other people that he knows.

And, in a few weeks, it seemed that the effect showed up.

The heartburn was treated and the symptoms disappeared.

Then, he decided to share this technique through this e-book, Heartburn No More.

How Does It Work?

To begin with, this program will help you to change the main cause of heartburn.

As we mentioned above, the main cause mostly is your habit or lifestyle.

So, you will learn how to make a change in your diet.

Furthermore, the change will be a long-term change that is easy to do.

Therefore, if you can’t do this “change”, you will get no solution for heartburn from the program.

The best of all, the technique and solution are also applicable to your daily routine.

It is much easier to do. You will find out the best way to have a meal and how you should spend your time.

And, this program only needs 8 weeks to show its effect.

The other information you also can find inside is the explanation about the prescribed pills and medication.

Why doesn’t it work? Why don’t you need them to treat your heartburn?

Once you finish this part, you will know your condition much better.

Jeff Martin designed this book, guide, and technique inside for anyone.

Men or women, regardless of their age, can use this method.

It is easy to use as well and works nothing like other methods of treatment that you know.

What Will You Learn?

Heartburn No More offers many techniques and information to treat heartburn conditions.

One of them is the 5-steps system.

This system allows you to learn more about your eating habit.

It is the dos and don’ts of your everyday meal.

If you follow it, you will get many benefits from it.

So, it’s not only about how to get away from the heartburn symptoms.

But, this book also helps you to improve your overall health.

There are also many tricks of using natural supplements and other similar items to detoxify your body.

Then, you also find more about the reason that some treatment doesn’t work.

Mostly, this book will guide you to do the right things to improve your body health.

It also has a method for healthy sleep and breathing.

You only need this book and don’t need to get others.

The other things that you can also get are more detailed information about your condition.

For example, you can learn about acid-alkaline balance.

Then, it guides you to remove the parasites that can cause the symptoms.

It even provides information about solutions for your intestines’ problems.

Moreover, all techniques and information here are proved to be safe to apply.

It doesn’t have a harmful side effect.

The program itself has been helping thousands of people to treat their heartburn condition.

And, they did that in just a few weeks.

What Will You Get in Heartburn No More Packages?

• Introduction Guide

Basic/general information about heartburn.

It covers all aspects you need to know about this condition, such as the cause, the process that it occurs, and many more.

This information is important for the program as well.

Plus, it also explains the benefits of the natural method of treating heartburn.

• Nutrition and Diet Guide

A next guide you will learn after you understand the first guide, “Introduction Guide”.

It helps you to create a better plan for your diet and nutrition intake to treat your condition.

It gives you the nutrition and diet guide.

The diet used here is the low-fat rich-fiber diet.

This type of diet will improve your body absorption level for different types of sugars, such as glucose, lactose, and fructose.

It also contains information about food that can cause a problem with your condition.

The main purpose of this program is to maintain your alkaline and acid balance, which you can see in this section.

• Supplements Guide

Jeff will guide you to choose the natural supplement for supporting your heartburn treatment.

You can find these supplements at the health food stores.

He will show you the product that works and not works.

As Jeff said in this book, he avoids the chemical drug, as it will only cause more problems.

• Detoxification Guide

The main subjects in this section are the digestive system treatment.

It will be done by using the detoxification method.

Through this method, you can improve your digestive system performance.

Furthermore, with a healthier digestive system, you also can avoid many kinds of stomach health problems.

• Overcoming Candida

People with heartburn will mostly have Candida.

It is a yeast infection that can worsen heartburn symptoms.

Jeff uses this approach to treat your heartburn.

Using the holistic method, he will teach you how to deal with Candida, which will eventually prevent the occurrence of heartburn in the future.

6 Bonuses You Will Get

1. Complete Handbook of Nature Cures

Heartburn No More The Complete Handbook of Natures CuresThis 265 pages book will help you to understand more about naturopathy.

It shows you how to use them to treat different kinds of health problems and conditions.

Inside, you also can find the causes and symptoms of those conditions.

Through this book, you will be able to find a way to treat yourself.

The result is a great experience and satisfaction for a better healthy life.

2. How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

Heartburn No More How and When to Be Your Own DoctorThis book contains other naturopath’s theories.

You will find out more about health and the habit that causes a health problem.

It is packed with stories and true-life examples for a hygienic diet.

And, the author of this book is a professional hygienist.

3. The Healing Power Of Water

Heartburn No More The Healing Power Of WaterIn this book, you can read a detailed interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj.

He is the one who discovered the healing ability of water.

He was also the first one that started the hydro-health treatment.

This book will give you the revelation about the greatness of water.

4. The Definitive Guide To Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Heartburn No More Review Definitive Guide To Managing Irritable Bowel SyndromeAs the title said, you will find all information about irritable bowel syndrome and the best way and therapy to treat it.

You can stop using the old method.

This e-book is the only thing that you need to get your IBS problem healed.

It has the most effective and powerful way to recover from this condition, faster.

5. Life Time Updates

As we said before, you will get regular updates for free. This is a bonus for that.

Whenever the new version of Heartburn No More is released, you don’t need to repurchase it.

You get the free update for that. Just use the personalized download page to get the update.

This way you will always use the latest and most effective method for treating the heartburn condition.

6. Free Email Counseling With Jeff For 3 Months

Last but not least, you will get access to communicate with Jeff Martin, the author of Heartburn No More.

You can do it by using the email.

By having contact with a professional nutritionist and medical researcher, you can’t imagine how much information you can get from him.

Ask anything that you want to know about this method or your heartburn condition.

Jeff will gladly answer your question as fast as possible.

The Advantages of Heartburn No More Program

• Step-by-Step Guide

It has a detailed step-by-step guide to cute your heartburn completely.

Jeff designed it to be a straightforward program.

Along with guidelines, there is also specific information that explains the steps, such as what, how, when, and why you do that step.

• Authentic Experience

This book is written by Jeff who had experienced a heartburn problem before.

So, everything you find here is based on the real experience of a person with heartburn.

• Real-World Results Reference

This program uses real-world results. You won’t find it in the university lectures.

It has the unique principle that the author used to treat himself when he was suffering from heartburn.

• Unbiased and Truthful

Jeff made this program to help people who have heartburn problems.

He also has seven years of experience in helping people to fight and win against their heartburn problems.

It is not for advertising purposes. He also doesn’t include drugs in his treatment.

• 24 Hours Free Email Counseling

You won’t find the program that allows you to contact its author directly.

Jeff provides this feature for you who need to know more about heartburn and its treatment.

It might be the best program for treating heartburn.

But, the chance to talk directly through email with Jeff is the best thing you can get in your effort to treat heartburn.

• Improve Your Health and Inner Balance

This book helps you to get the balance in your body.

When you have this condition, the disease won’t come and attack you, including heartburn.

• A Complete Set of Health Program

You will get everything here, such as:

    • Nutritional program,
    • Cleansing program,
    • Dietary plan,
    • Supplementation,
    • Lifestyle plans.

All of them are made to give your body a holistic state, which is the best cure for heartburn.

• Deal with the Main Cause of Heartburn

It deals with the core of the problem.

So, within 48 hours, the symptoms will disappear.

Then, with the 5-steps of the holistic method, you cure your heartburn within 8 weeks.

• Permanent Solution

Unlike the standard treatment that only eases the symptoms, Heartburn No More gives you a permanent solution for this condition.

• Easy to Understand and Do

Finding the solution for heartburn on the internet will only lead you with confusion and more problems.

Heartburn No More simplifies everything.

It gives you powerful knowledge to deal with acid reflux faster for the best heartburn solution.

Pros and Cons


  • Heartburn No More offers a natural way to cure heartburn and acid reflux.
  • It doesn’t have side effects.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee, so you can always return the package if you are not satisfied with the result.
  • All techniques, guides, and processes are hassle-free and easy to understand,
  • Permanent solutions,
  • It is made for all people, regardless of their age and heartburn severity.
    Every chapter in the Heartburn No More program can deal with the new occurrence or the years of heartburn problem.
  • A dietary plan applies to your daily routine.
    You can have a healthier lifestyle with it.
  • It provides explanations for each method.
    That way you will understand its purpose and benefits, which will motivate you to follow it and cure your heartburn.


  • You can’t find Heartburn No More in the local bookstore. You can only purchase it from its official website.
  • We haven’t verified the author’s education and working experience.
  • The 5-step holistic plan won’t give you instant and fixed results.
    You still need to work it out harder to make it work and produce the result out of this program.

Final Verdict

The system that you can find in the Heartburn No More program helps you to treat a condition caused by acid reflux, including ulcers.

You won’t find the prescription or detailed diet program.

Instead, this program helps you to fix the habit that seems you don’t care, but it affects the heartburn condition.

Lastly, this program doesn’t only help you to deal with the heartburn problem.

It also improves your overall health condition.

It also doesn’t work instantly.

Follow it with dedication, and you will get the result.

Updated: September 14, 2020 — 3:30 pm

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