Diabetes Freedom Review

What actually the Diabetes Freedom program is about and does it really work effectively? Find out more about it below.

Do you believe that type 2 diabetes is reversible? Only on two months on top of that?

As you might already know diabetes is a serious health issue that affects a lot of people across the globe.

You’ll find the answer about the program in the following, including its system and the benefits.

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Facts and Figures about Diabetes

Based on Statistita, in 2019, there are approximately 463 million sufferers of diabetes all over the world.

China is leading the number with the most diabetic people.

Diabetes is not exactly a disease, but it presents the risk of various health problems such as heart stroke, kidney failure, to cancer.

It will affect your quality of life if not treated well.

In fact, data was taken in 2019 showed that it has caused over 4.2 million deaths.

It is possible to use medication to reduce blood sugar and insulin level, but it is not the most efficient way as the majority of medications just dismiss the medical symptoms of it.

The most effective treatment that can help to eliminate type 2 diabetes is the changes in lifestyle, diet, and natural remedies.

That’s why, you’ll be provided with a natural way to get rid of diabetes effect, by using the Diabetes Freedom guide.

It is a program designated by diabetic patients as well.

Does it really work, though? Let’s discover further below.

Diabetes Freedom Overview

Product name: Diabetes Freedom

Author/creator: George Reilly & James Freeman

Official website: diabẹtesfrẹẹdom.org

Price: $37 (check promo)

What is Diabetes Freedom? It’s a two-month program of nutrition to reduce type 2 diabetes effect.

Instead of suspending the diabetes symptoms as typical medications do, it tackles the actual root issue of it.

This program guides you on how to remove accumulated fatty substances on your pancreas, thus you’d be able to overcome type 2 diabetes symptoms and remove it thoroughly over two months.

Diabetes Freedom is completely safe and natural.

It leads you to incorporate a balanced diet by taking care of your meal prep, mealtime, and the ways to implement the regime easily.

What is Diabetes Freedom?

Taking care of what you eat is an essential requirement to be healthy. It is especially, more important for sufferers of type 2 diabetes.

The majority of typical medication methods, only tackle the diabetes symptoms instead of dealing with the root cause of it.

Getting into a healthy diet and incorporate natural food is important, in order to reduce the fatty stores in your body – thus you can eliminate the diabetes effects entirely.

This is where the Diabetes Freedom program may help.

To put it simply, Diabetes Freedom is an extensive digital book that discusses nutrition, meal schedule, and metabolic procedure to handle type 2 diabetes root causes within two months.

This program works based on the Phyto Hack method, in which fat cells are abolished from your body to produce more insulin secretion.

There are three stages in this program:

  • 1st stage: Reversing the type 2 diabetes in less than 8 weeks by following the diet and nutrition plan for 2 months.
  • 2nd stage: Disclosing 7 diabetic rules to boost brown fat to get rid of the diabetes issues entirely.
  • 3rd stage: Building a mealtime strategy schedule to control weight and level of blood sugar.

Throughout the provided three stages above, you’ll get guidance on how to plan and prep nutritional meals, healthy recipes from professionals, tips and tricks on lifestyle transformation, and many more.

Diabetes Freedom system is built based on scientific facts and evidence – which explains why it works for a lot of people.

This digital book provides wide resources to assist you in reversing diabetes effects effectively.

You will get a 60-days guarantee of money back with it, so you can simply ask for a refund if it turns out unsuccessful for you after trying the whole regime.

About the Author

This Diabetes Freedom system is first discovered by George Reilly, with the help of a prominent doctor from Japan, James Freeman, who already has a lot of contribution to diabetes cures.

George Reilly himself is a type 2 diabetic patient who unfortunately must have had his leg amputated.

As stated by Reilly, after trying various kinds of medications his diabetes has worsened.

In the end, he should deal with options from doctors to get his leg amputated to save his life.

It’s the start of his extensive research that results in the discovery of this program.

The essential cause of diabetes is the accumulation of fats and toxins on your pancreas, it leads to the reduction of insulin hormone that produced and released.

Even though modern medications can help, they only work to lessen the symptoms instead of eliminating them all.

Diabetes Freedom program guides you on getting rid of fats and toxins from your body, so the pancreas could produce and release the appropriate quantity of insulin.

You can simply follow the tips and tricks on this program in order to allow your pancreas to secrete insulin and make your body work effectively again.

Who Should Try This Program

Anyone who is currently dealing with type 2 diabetes is recommended to try this program.

Diabetes used to affect only elderly people in the pastime, but nowadays it also affects anyone of all ages.

Diabetes Freedom Program is designated for all people of any age categories fighting with diabetes and making efforts to treat and get rid of the severe problem in a natural way.

The Procedure of Diabetes Reversal Program

As mentioned prior, there are three basic stages that included in this specific program.

Here are the details of them:

1st stage: Plan for diet and nutrition for 2 months

At this stage, the goal is to introduce beneficial nutrients and ingredients to eliminate white fat cells and help the pancreatic function well again.

Fat cells typically accumulate around the pancreas, so it cannot secrete insulin as it’s supposed to be.

This regime plan throughout two months provides meal schedules and tips to lets your pancreas delivers insulin according to your body requirement.

This section also provides you with video in 5-part series that shows the ways to control food craving, detox your body, and many more helpful tips.

2nd stage: Boost the brown fat substance

The second stage emphasizes on how to do lifestyle changes, in order to increase brown fat cells quantity and reduce white fat cells amount in your body that are harmful to diabetes patients.

By following this procedure, you’ll learn an effective method to eliminate nearly all the white fat cells through short videos with length more or less than 2 minutes.

You will learn two recipe drinks that can lessen sugar levels on your body as well.

3rd stage: Schedule for mealtime strategy to get rid of type 2 diabetes

The last procedure of the Diabetes Freedom program is to guide you on how to schedule mealtime.

That way, your body would be able to regulate the production of insulin hormones and glucose.

The helpful tips that provided encourage fat elimination to promote weight loss.

Another benefit that you can get from incorporating this procedure is to improve your sleep quality.

Diabetes Freedom Method System

An important note to keep in mind is that Diabetes Freedom is not a magical cure.

It’s a program that has been tried and tested by the Phyto Hack Method to abolish white fat cells and promote the production and distribution of insulin in your body.

It doesn’t provide medical medication.

This program guides you on techniques and foods that can help your health improvement.

It also shows how to create a healthy lifestyle that enables you to reduce some weight and help to improve insulin delivery as your body is supposed to.

This program advises to consume healthy ingredients such as cinnamon, grapes, chives, dark chocolate, etc.

These are ingredients that are not widely known by many diabetics.

These ingredients are natural.

They contain rich phytochemicals to support toxin excretion and reduce diabetes symptoms, as well as taste delicious on top of that.


  • Reversal of type 2 diabetes effects – the reason why this program is well-known is that it works effectively to reverse this particular type of diabetes.
  • Weight loss – Diabetes Program can help if you struggled with losing weight. It incorporates useful resource to make you lose weight more quickly.
  • Relatively fast result – the strategy and tips that offered by this program can give you noticeable result quite quickly.

Placing Online Order for Diabetes Freedom Program

Diabetes Freedom program is accessible by signing into the official website of it.

You can download the digital PDF formatted book for $37.

The program also comes with a DVD guide of anti-aging exercise that sent to you for free.

The good news is, the digital book is downloadable through various devices with an available internet connection, such as desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

The website is highly user-friendly, so you may download the book in simple clicks and read it any time anywhere according to your convenience.


Anti-aging program

A designated bonus to assist you to build better food habits in order to prevent premature aging.

It contains the key to stay young naturally without help from cosmetic surgery.

Fat burn tips

Fat burn tips offer you with advice and life hacks to get rid of unnecessary fat in your body. It helps to form tighter skin as well.

Various beneficial foods for diabetics

A bonus that shows you various lists of foods that have reversible diabetes effect.

This scientific and research-based list contains different recipes you can recreate at home.

Pros and Cons


1. Comprehensive Approach:
This program provides multiple solutions to eliminate the negative effects of ceramide and encourage insulin secretion as remedy for type 2 diabetes, instead of only the symptoms.

2. Scientific and natural:
The recipes of detox drinks are made from whole natural ingredients that are based on scientific research to prove their effectiveness.

3. Zero side effects:
Due to the use of all-natural ingredients and resources, Diabetes Freedom doesn’t carry any unhealthy preservatives or chemicals.

It has no notable side effects.

4. Easy and simple:
You can simply create the drink recipes and consume it throughout the day without disrupting any of your daily activities.


1. Only available online:
The only way to access the Diabetes Freedom program is by downloading the digital book.

2. Dedication requirement:
To get a complete benefit, you have to dedicate yourself to the program.

3. Consistency requirement:
The instructions on the Diabetes Freedom program stated very clearly that it must be done on a daily basis to get optimum results.


Type 2 diabetes is a critical medical condition that’s currently affecting more than 30 million people all over the US.

There are a lot of medical companies that putting effort into selling medication on this rising disease.

However, it seems like a lot of patients don’t show significant improvement over their health.

This is the primary reason why this Diabetes Freedom review is created.

The answer can be concluded after reading the comprehensive book authored by George Reilly and James Freeman.

It is explained that type 2 diabetes root causes often left untreated, as well as the negative effect of toxic ceramide.

The typical medication only works usually on diabetic symptoms instead of the actual causes.

This is where the conventional medication and Diabetes Freedom program differs, in which the later use the natural remedy in three simple steps.

As shown by the Diabetes Freedom reviews, this program has saved numerous people from using ineffective medical treatments.

Instead of medicine, this program encourages a healthier lifestyle through diets and exercises.

In reality, the Diabetes Freedom program is used as a survival guide for people who want to prevent diabetes as well.

It is natural and common to doubt its effectiveness only by reading the reviews, so giving it a shot is the best way to discover if it really works for you.

The program also provides a money-back guarantee anyways, if it turns out not suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program really effective for diabetic patients?

9 out of 10 people that tried this program have seen a clear result, so it is indeed effective for the majority of people.

According to the reviews on its official website, people who have committed halfway to Diabetes Freedom have their sugar levels and glucose on control.

However, this program still needs to be followed thoroughly if you want to see optimum results.

Follow the recommendations until the end of it.


Is the procedure hard to follow?

Getting a reversible effect of type 2 diabetes is not easy.

Luckily by following the steps in this program, it is relatively easy enough to see noticeable results without having to wait for so long.


Is this program based on scientific research?

George Reilly created this program by collaborating with Dr. James Freeman.

They both used extensive research at the University of Utah, Texas, that focused on symptoms and the root cause of diabetes.


Is Diabetes Freedom worth its cost?

Considering the various benefits that this program has, it is assumed to say Diabetes Freedom is a worthwhile program.

As it has been mentioned earlier, it doesn’t use prescribed medical remedies, but only natural ingredients and methods.

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