Custom Keto Diet Review: A Personalize Diet Plan by Rachel Roberts

The review of Custom Keto Diet in the following passage will discuss if the program is actually working in an effective way and the steps to incorporate it into your life.

Health is something precious to anyone, as well as keeping weight and body shape on track.

There are plenty of factors that may affect your weight, including how careful you are about your daily consumption and how much rest you get.

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An effective weight loss attempt is possible if it’s done with scientific-based methods.

For example, an overweight situation is caused by a total calorie intake that’s greater than a total of calories burned on a daily basis, that’s why the body keeps gaining weight.

However, when people find out about this fact, they tend to drastically reduce calorie intake that actually will ruin the body’s metabolism – that’s why it’s not the best way to lose weight.

Keto diet program is one of the weight loss regimes out there that don’t require you to follow strict diet rules.

It is safe to assume that it is the ideal solution to reach a balanced weight.

It does require you to taking care of food habits to get the best result, as it helps to prevent uncontrollable weight gain and reduce some of your existing weighs at the same time.

The basic principle of custom keto diet program is to lessen the amount of carbs consumed day by day.

Through this method, your body will push itself to ketosis state, which will burn fat to produce energy instead of using carbs.

It slowly transforms the way your body is going through the fat-burning process daily.

By using this diet plan program, it allows you to lose weight without performing heavy workouts effort.

It can provide such a fast change to your body, but the result may vary between different persons.

What is Custom Keto Diet?

Product name: Custom Keto Diet

Author/creator: Rachel Roberts

Official website: customkẹtodiẹ

Price: $37 (check promo)

If you’re someone who as actively attempted weight loss for a while now, you must already know that there are tons of diet plan methods out there.

Some might work amazingly for certain people, and some may turn into a total failure.

Now, what about you? Have you succeeded in it?

The thing about losing weight is, it is essential to follow a diet plan with obediently and stick with it.

It is also important to choose the method that will suit your body the best.

An effective diet program that works amazingly for other persons may not match you and work just as great.

Custom Keto Diet plan is a weight-loss strategy that personalized to each person’s needs.

The program spans for eight weeks or about two months.

This program considers various personal factors such as your body types, your lifestyle, and your end goal so it can be tailored to fit you the best.

About the Creator

Rachel Roberts is a dietician and expert on fitness that invented Custom Keto Diet.

She herself is someone who also fights against several health issues and struggles with weight loss.

After incorporating numerous failed attempts at weight loss programs, she decided to create her own diet plan.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, one must begin by healthy eating – that’s what believed by Rachel Roberts.

With the gathered experiences and knowledge, she established a regime that later is called Custom Keto Diet.

It is a program that caters to the personal needs of each person.

This program is able to garner a lot of attention which then translates to success.

How Does It Work?

To start this diet program of Custom Keto Diet, you must fill a questionnaire with several questions.

The purpose is to collect information that can be applied to the personalized diet plan and mealtime schedule.

You will also get a guide about nutrition and a few healthy cookbooks.

The mealtime schedule is designed to be very detailed. It lays out each day in a week that must be followed without an exception.

For one day, you’d consume three meals plus snacks.

These healthy meals and snacks can be created from the recipe books so you don’t have to look for them further.

In addition, this custom diet program regulates the number of servings of each meal as well.

Keep in mind that each procedure is tailored according to your goals and your needs,

so there is no need to worry that you will go in extreme in order to keep your health on the optimal state.

Aside from organizing the regime regarding your diet plan, the Custom Keto Diet program also explains why each of them should be done.

It describes every section that’s incorporated in the plan and how to maintain it even after the program is already concluded, so it can be utilized safely for a long time.

The problem with most of the diet plans; it required you to consume unenjoyable meal varieties.

However, it doesn’t have to be a concern with this program.

Whenever you find meals with ingredients that you don’t like, you can switch it with the alternative meal that’s just as healthy.

On the last note, the menus in this program are made to be natural and simple, so it won’t give you any difficulty to follow them.

Each recipe comes with instructions in detail, portion size information, photos, and some general tips.

What Will You Get in Custom Keto Diet Program?

Custom Keto Diet package is available to be purchased online.

It is downloadable and can be saved into various devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets to take it with you anywhere.

Additionally, the program is accompanied by a money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.

After you have downloaded and opened the program package in your device, you will be able to read the introduction and general information about the ketogenic diet plan.

It also provides the basic procedure of the ketogenic diet regime and its various benefits for your health.

In addition, it discloses a section that explains the connection between blood pressure and ketogenic diet.

Then it informs you on how to begin the diet plan and your mealtime schedule.

Inside the package is included numerous tips and life hacks regarding the keto diet.

Here’s the list of items that you will receive:

    • eBook and Video of Keto 101 guide
    • Quick keto meals recipes
    • Savory meals recipes
    • Healthy keto desserts
    • Keto smoothie recipes using superfood
    • Avocado recipes of keto
    • Peanut butter jam recipes of keto
    • Bacon recipes of keto
    • Keto sweets and treats recipes such as cookies, chocolate, and fat bombs
    • Keto finger foods for party

How Much It Cost?

One of the excellent things about Custom Keto Diet is the great affordability.

It is super easy to find a weight loss package program everywhere but most of them are overpriced.

In this case, you only need to spend $37 to get this plan.

The only program that’s cheaper than this is the Metabolic Cooking – but both cannot be compared due to different basis to lose weights.

It has great money value because of its effectiveness to deliver amazing and guaranteed results.

Remember that this affordable diet plan program also comes with a money-back guarantee within 60-days of purchase.

You just need to file a refund in case it doesn’t bring a result that satisfies you.

If you are interested to know further about this program, it is more advisable to directly visit its official website.

Pros: Reasons to Choose Custom Keto Diet Program

After you have quite an insight about this particular program, it is time to dive into various reasons why it’s an ideal plan to choose.

Here are the reasons Custom Keto Diet is ideal to pick.

It uses natural and safe ingredients

First and foremost, it should be noted that the keto diet plan only incorporates natural food ingredients.

It does not recommend you consume any food that contains harmful chemicals such as additives and preservatives – so can be said that the ketogenic diet is totally safe to help you losing weight.

A ketogenic diet does not require you to go on the extreme sides.

Compared to other diet plan programs, it does not advise you to stick to certain food ingredients.

It also does not recommend a plan where you will experience severe calorie deficits.

Another thing to appreciate about this diet program is it provides controls over your improvement and progress.

The weight that is lost won’t affect your health in a negative way, unlike if you consume diet pills that do not offer extensive insight on its effects.

It’s simple yet full of beneficial nutrition

Custom Keto Diet is done in the span of 8-weeks.

During those weeks, you’d find one of the simplest approaches to weight loss to follow easily.

Everything is already explained within the packages to you don’t have to worry about making errors as long as you follow the provided instructions and your personalized schedule.

You can just refer to the user-friendly chart that offers information about the nutritional value of each one of your meals.

Moreover, it contains a healthy procedure of weight loss as well.

There is no requirement to consume certain foods or ingredients.

The program is solely based on how to optimize your nutrition intake.

It provides wide array of choices

A strict regime is one of the most common reasons why people find it hard to follow certain weight loss programs.

It is definitely not an issue with the keto diet, because it provides such a broad range of food choices you can select.

Whenever you come across a recipe that contains ingredients that you don’t like, simply switch it with the presentable alternatives that included in the diet plan.

There is no coercion rule to force you to eat an enjoyable meal or snacks – all the controls are placed in your hands.

One thing to note as well is that all the recipes on the keto diet plan can be prepared from the comfort of your home.

Cooking and eating your own homemade meals allow you to get fun in the kitchen, as well as giving certain satisfaction and proudness.

It’s an all-inclusive program

Being an all-inclusive program means that Custom Keto Diet plan doesn’t require you to spend any more money besides the plan package, except for your own groceries.

This benefit is unlike several other diet programs that demand you to get regular subscription upon initial purchase.

It helps with your blood sugar level

Custom Keto Diet is a high-fat weight loss plan, so it promotes to stabilize the blood sugar level of yours.

Typically, a high carb diet program leads to extreme drops and spikes of blood sugar.

Therefore, this is such an ideal weight loss program if you actually have issues with blood sugar levels.

People who are currently suffering against diabetes are highly recommended to try this program as well.

A Keto diet can help with frequent problems of dizziness and headache as well.

It will stop your body to develop symptoms of this particular health issue.

It boasts your energy

The thing with diet plan types that uses calorie deficit method is, it will leave you to eventually feeling exhausted and drained.

Now with Custom Keto Diet, you don’t have to through energy depletion, as it effectively provides enough amount of energy to get you complete your daily activities.

It is quite affordable

As it has disclosed prior, compared to other weight loss plans, the Custom Keto Diet program is one of the most affordable on out there.

It only costs you $37, which is much less than other similar types of programs.

Moreover, it offers you a money-back guarantee within 60-day’s purchase as well.

You have literally nothing to lose by trying out this program.

You can just simply give it a shot by placing an order if you aren’t sure whether it truly works effectively or not.

It’s on your advantage if the program does really work and if it doesn’t, well, you can always file for a refund and get your money back.

Cons: The Downside of Custom Keto Diet Program

The only possible side effect of this diet program is keto flu.

It has several symptoms that sometimes can be experienced by the users during the beginning stages when incorporating this program.

It’s not an actual flu – but the way your body adjusting to carb limitations.

So, what are the symptoms of keto flu?

Some conditions that you may go through are including light headaches, hunger feeling, nausea, fatigue, or constipations.

These conditions typically only last for several sides and can be lessened by getting dehydrated and being restful.

Program Compatibility with Different Persons

If there is a question that asked whether this program is going to suit everyone, it must be said that it won’t.

For people that have existing health problems such as thyroid gland, pancreatic, liver, or gall bladder issues, it is not recommended to follow this diet.

For people that rather try diet regiments that related to fat break downs, this program won’t be much of a fit as well.

Prior to trying this diet, it is important to make a consultation with a doctor or physician as well.

If the health professionals deemed this plan to be suitable for you, then you need to comply with its rules.

It is true that there is nothing to lose to try out the particular diet plan.

It also receives any negative reviews or complaints from people who may experience severe side effects.

However, take note that this program is not an extreme type of weight loss plan that can give you such a drastic result.

It’s worth pointing out as well, that the Custom Keto Diet package by Rachel Robert is one of the best-selling products in various categories such as Health and Fitness, or Diet and Weight Loss.

You can check the reviews and rates by yourself from its official site or through the different sources on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to avoid certain types of food when I try out this program?

It is such good news to inform you this: you don’t need to avoid any food ingredients when you’re going through this program.

It is possible to lose weights while still consuming your favorite food.

Keep in mind that the regime is about controlling calorie and getting nutrition to reach optimal result.

Does the program provide any refund policy?

The answer is, yes it totally does. Custom Keto Diet program is not only affordable but also refundable.

If you can’t get results that satisfy you, you can submit a refund request for your money back.

However, it is only provided within the 60 days of purchasing.

Is there any difference between this program and other similar ones?

The biggest difference between this program and the others is it allows you to get a personalized plan.

It is a plan that is created to suit you, that’s why it can barely feel like you are currently undergoing a diet regime.

There is no need for severe restrictions just to accomplish your goals on the weight loss journey.

What is the basic working principle of Custom Keto Diet program?

Custom Keto Diet program is a diet regime that based on carb consumption decrease.

To put it simply, your body will experience low glucose state when you decrease your carb consumption.

Therefore, it won’t be able to functions properly and needs another alternative.

This is where ketones work. Your liver produces certain chemicals called ketones when your body is undergoing a low level of glucose.

The ketones are used as the fuel – besides the fatty acids, instead of the carb.

This particular process is called ‘ketosis’ where the program name comes from.

Final Conclusion

Finally, is Custom Keto Diet program worth trying? The answer is a definite YES.

However, it is still important to consult with your physician, as it has been mentioned before.

It is important to make sure that the ketogenic diet suits your body’s needs and circumstances, especially if you have existing health problems.

It is also important to note that going through the ketogenic diet is not as easy as it sounds.

You may feel like giving up during the beginning stage if keto flu is developed by your body,

but a strong determination and effort will never fail to give you the desired result without having to wait much longer.

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